T+A PDT 3100 HV CD/SACD Transport


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The reference CD / SACD drive

The PDT 3100 HV is a puristic CD / SACD drive without additional built-in digital sources or converters. It was developed solely for the uncompromising scanning of SACDs and CDs and equipped with the completely new developed decoder / drive mechanism, which reads and decodes CD and SACD error-free and in the highest quality. This mechanism is integrated into an uncompromisingly manufactured, heavy sub-chassis that completely shields and decouples it. The mechanical effort is enormous, all housing parts are made of solid aluminum.


The heart of the PDT 3100 HV is the modern decoder / drive mechanism, which we have specially developed for audio applications. It has the latest processors, lasers, high-performance motors and components and thus offers the best prerequisites for perfect and error-free scanning behavior. This unit is completely shielded in a solid aluminum case, machined from solid wood, to prevent any form of interaction between the moving mechanics of the mechanism and the rest of the player. This entire drive block only moves on two tightly tolerated linear bearings that are suspended from a solid mounting plate. This is only fixed at three points on the middle plate of the housing. The entire drive unit is thus completely decoupled from the heavy outer housing.


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