T+A PA 3000 HV Integrated Amplifier


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The PA 3100 HV is a further development of the PA 3000 HV and is identical in most modules. The immediately visible difference is two VU meters in the front, which logarithmically show the power output per channel in watts at 4 ohms. The sound could be further improved by revising the preamplifier section (DC voltage coupling).
Furthermore, a new concept for the analog power supply and the power supply similar to that in the A 3000 HV was developed, which makes it possible to connect the PS 3000 HV power supply and to further increase the stability and performance of the entire power supply. This provides another 1800 watts of supply power, which means that even the most difficult loudspeakers can be easily controlled and brought to their best possible sound level.

On request, the PA 3000 HV and PA 3100 HV can also be equipped with high-end phono preamplifier modules that have different circuit topologies for MM or MC systems. It is also possible to install the analog signal processor module from the P 3000 HV for channel-separated tone control and loudness functions.
The all-metal infrared remote control F3001 is included.


The circuit topology of the integrated amplifier is based, as in the P 3000 HV, on a cascode differential amplifier with hand-selected audio J-FET transistors and completely discrete stages without an operational amplifier. Thanks to this circuit concept and the quality of the components, practically no over-all negative feedback is necessary. With its high operating voltage, the HV technology enables not only high linearity but also an extremely high dynamic range. Signals up to 60 Vpp can be processed undistorted.
In the HV series, control and switching functions in the signal area are taken over by gas-tight encapsulated gold contact relays, which, even after many years of operation, have no contact problems due to corrosion, dust, etc. and no aging.

Bi-stable relays are used in the preamplifier, in which no permanent coil current flows and thus no inductive impairment of the audio signals can take place. By integrating the relays directly into the circuit, the signal paths are optimally short and there are no cable paths as with conventional volume potentiometers. The volume control is also built with discrete precision resistors and gold contact relays, so there is absolutely precise channel synchronization and no noise and no distortion.
The entire control electronics are deeply recessed and shielded in the 40 mm thick front plate, which is milled from solid material, on the front of which there is the bright and dimmable glass display (VFD) with wear-free sensor buttons.
The knobs for source selection and volume control are needle-bearing precision incremental encoders with a unique switching feel


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