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With the M 40 HV, the high-res players and preamplifiers of the HV series have a unique and uncompromising power amplifier available, which meets the highest audiophile requirements under a wide range of operating conditions. Of course, it is also the perfect amplifier for any other high-end chain. In our 40-year history, we have learned that there is not one perfect solution for all requirements in electroacoustics, but that every concept has its strengths and weaknesses. We have consistently developed the optimal solution for each requirement, be it tube technology or the latest digital signal processing.

Our know-how in the different areas of high-end audio technology is combined in the M 40 HV: the audiophile tube concept for the input stages, the high voltage technology for the transistor stages, the intelligent, thermal processor control of the output stages and the uncompromising housing design and processing.


We have given our best power amplifier a circuit concept that is unique in the world and combines classic analog technology, tube technology, high voltage amplifiers and intelligent parameter control. The entire input amplification takes place with the help of selected high-end tubes of the type 6SN7. They work in Class A mode, which results in a very harmonious sound and the musical and tonal advantages of tube technology are reflected in the sound character of the M 40 HV.
The input stage is designed as a symmetrical differential amplifier in full tube cascode circuit. The following voltage amplifier stage is a high voltage (HV) J-FET amplifier stage with triode characteristics and characteristic, which also works in a pure Class A range.

The result is an excellent bandwidth and speed that determine the sound characteristics of the entire amplifier. The current amplifier stages are constructed on the input side with MOSFET driver transistors, which harmonize excellently with the high voltage voltage amplifier stage in terms of their characteristic curve characteristics. On the output side, the current amplifiers are equipped with a total of 20 extremely powerful ring emitter bipolar transistors. These transistors meet the highest requirements in terms of current delivery capacity and bandwidth.


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