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The A 3000 HV is the ideal power amplifier and supplement for the P 3000 HV preamplifier. It is designed as a stereo power amplifier, but can also be switched to mono operation and then has twice the power supply capability and thus also twice the Class A range. We deliberately chose not to connect a bridge, but to operate the output stages in parallel. This bolide is not only incredibly powerful and powerful, but thanks to the HV technology it has outstanding sound properties that can hardly be surpassed by much more expensive amplifiers. The division of a high-end system into separate preamplifiers and power amplifiers gives our developers the opportunity to implement the best possible circuit concepts and technologies regardless of space requirements and housing restrictions. This affects both the electronic components and the mechanical housing construction, because the requirements for preamplifiers are fundamentally different than for power amplifiers if you want to achieve the best possible sound result. With the relatively small signals that are processed in preamplifiers, it is very important to avoid interference, interference and interference, whereas with the relatively large signals in the output stages, the stability of the voltage supply, the power supply capability and the load independence are much more important.

  • Technology

    The entire power electronics with power amplifiers and power supply is located in a separate, shielded compartment in the bottom of the device. The partition between the top and bottom is 10 mm thick and of course also made of aluminum. Voltage amplification (upper compartment) and current amplification are therefore housed on separate boards in separate housing sections in order to prevent mutual interference. The effort goes even further because there is a galvanic separation between the two. Thanks to this uncompromising concept, there is no effect on the loudspeaker currents in the voltage amplifier stages and complete freedom from loudspeaker load effects.

    The fully symmetrical current amplifier stage (output stage) is equipped with MOSFET drivers and the latest “thermal tracking” bipolar output transistors, this combination provides a very harmonious, audiophile sound image with simultaneous enormous power supply capability. Temperature measuring diodes are integrated in the end transistors, which we use to set absolutely constant, temperature-independent operating points of the power transistors and thus perfectly control the distortion behavior in every load situation. We have completely compensated for all signal currents thanks to the completely symmetrical routing of all current conductors in the output stages, loudspeaker lines and power supply. As a result, there are no magnetic stray fields and no electromagnetic feedback in the input stages.
    The enormous power of the output stages requires particularly high-quality, stable speaker terminals. They are made from pure brass and completely rhodium-plated. Rhodium is the perfect contact material: conductive like silver, resistant like platinum, corrosion-resistant like gold (unfortunately as expensive as all three together).
    For very high demands (eg with critical loudspeakers) there is even the possibility to improve the quality and stability of the voltage and power supply with the additional power supply PS 3000 HV.


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