Phasemation T-320 Step Up Transformer



1. Adopting the High Performance Set-up Transformer Developed by In-house

The following excellent characteristics have been achieved by winding the low the loss extra-thick cupper wires (Primary: 0.32 dia., Secondary 0.12 dia.) around the gigantic EI core made of the “0.2mm thick 78% super permalloy core material”; and so, the sound cause to feel a vital force has been realized over the all bands.

1) The best lower-band-linearity in the market
2) The highest efficient step-up (low loss) in the market

The winding structure of uniquely divided layers has realized a characteristic for wider band, so, an excellent phase characteristic has been realized. The phase distortion in audible band has been reduced drastically and auditory lateralization has been clarified furthermore.

By adding a shield board at the center of chassis to divide the left from the right, the separation on audibility has been substantially improved.

2. Materializing a Resonance Free and Vibration Free structure

The step-up transformer is supported with the polyethylene foam, which prevents it from conveying any outside vibration to inside the step-up transformer. A reproduced sound with good S/N impression has been realized.
At the same time, by filling up its body with the polyethylene foam, unnecessary cavity resonance is avoided.

For the chassis base and top cover making of 1.2mm and 1.6 mm steel plates, copper plating and finishing are conducted. All the parts are assembled with the stainless-steel non-magnetic screws to minimize the influence of the magnetic distortion; thereby the clear sound has been realized.


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