Phasemation T-2000 Mono Step Up Transformer



Balanced Transmission Supported Input Portion

When generating power through a cartridge coil, a balance operation is conducted essentially. Transmitting this signal with an unbalanced connection results in not only the merit of balanced type is damaged or lost, but also external noises directly affects sound quality.
The basis of wiring at the time of connecting by using a balanced phono cable is shown in Fig. 1. The signal is transmitted from the cartridge coil to the transformer coil through the push-pull balancing circuit and the shield earth covers them. Therefore, the negative effect caused by external noises can be blocked. In addition, the full balanced connection (No.2 pin hot) is structured for the cartridge side by connecting the center of primary coil of transformer to the minus point (signal GND) of the secondary coil.

A general structure of connecting a step-up transformer for MC cartridge by using of an unbalanced phono cable is shown in Fig. 2. At the unbalanced connection composed of the signal wire and external shield, the shield side is exposed to the external noises. Therefore, it results in not only to be easily effected by the noises, but the signal wire is also invaded by the negative effects.

Newly developed high performance core materials are adopted.

0.2mm thick permalloy materials which were used previously were reexamined and developed the new “extremely thin super malloy core material.” In combination with the large core shape, it reached to have a superior characteristic of very low frequency linearity and high efficiency boosts (low loss) which brings about a detailed atmospheric expression.

The adoption of the best coil winding specifications

The transformer coil wiring specifications were reexamined and adopted the best fitting value designing specifications taking into consideration the matching of the transformers and impedance values of the cartridges that are in use. In combination with the new coil winding structure, this brings about a transformer of high resolution and wide ranging of sounds. In addition, due to the adoption of high pure copper wire onto the secondary coil winding, it contributes to have a full sound having a better longevity throughout all ranges.
Plus, we indulged to have it be hand made in order to reach the best sound quality. Due to this, it brought about a superior frequency response and phase characteristic to a wide range and decreased the phase distortion within the hearing range and actualized an even clearer static acoustic image.

External induction hums and unnecessary vibration removed

To handle the external induction hums, the chassis base that is a solid steel sheet plated with copper and the case cover with an induction hum shield are used. In addition, it is a double layer structure due to the magnetic shield material which is placed near the transformer. The rising transformer is made of high damping rubber and floats from the main unit and prevents the external vibration from spreading.
As with the control amp CA-1000, a 20mm thick slant aluminum panel is used for the front panel. Below the unit box, a wood base is added and by mixing it with other materials, the unnecessary vibration is effectively removed and brings about a playing sound with a good S/N ratio.

High Quality Parts Used

Rhodium plated terminals of FURUTECH products are known for high quality and high sound quality are used for the I/O input terminals.
In addition, TA0C high carbon cast iron insulators are adopted for the feet and contributes to the improvement of the sound resolution.

*Caution: The XLR or RCA, only one can be used for the input. If two are used at the same time, it can be the cause for noises to generate.


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