Phasemation PP-5000 MC Phono Cartridge



Diamond Cantilever Expands The Amount of Information

For the cantilever, we for the first time adopted a diamond cantilever. The amount of information has been expanded by enhancing the propagation speed.

Improved the trackability by reviewing the vibration system

The vibration system, including the damper, has been improved to match the new cantilever. The trackability has been improved for better tracing.

Pursuing the precision of the mounting angle of the natural diamond chip

The stylus tip is made of natural diamond, which is becoming rare to be sold it the market. The mounting angle precision of the stylus tip has been reduced from ±5 deg to ±3 deg for a more accurate tracing capability.

Improved the polishing preciseness for magnetic circuit components

By adding a new polishing process to the permendur yoke of magnetic material to make the magnetic field more uniform, the reproduction of minute signals has been improved and achieved a more spatial expression.

Body structure of a new generation

The stainless-steel base is newly coated with TiN (titanium nitride) to achieve a beautiful golden color as well as corrosion resistance and sufficient hardness. The duralumin cover is coated with DLC, a coating that has earned a reputation from the past. In addition, the new shape of the body controls unwanted vibrations and is suitable for flagship models and has a more direct sound quality.


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