Analog Relax EX1000 Phono Cartridge


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The 2,000 years old YAKUSUGI cedar wood body

As already explained, the EX1000 is made of solid 2,000 years old YAKUSUGI cedar, an extremely rare tree. The grain of the wood is very tight, because the tree rings only grow 1-2mm per year. The cedar also accumulates resin within it to prevent wear down caused by frequent rain. Using this rare material in the cartridge body allows for the creation of complex and sensual sounds. Due to the scarcity of the wood, this item is sure to become difficult to obtain in the future. (The EX1000 will be produced in limited quantities with what YAKUSUGI cedar that is available.)

The Ruby cantilever

Ruby is said to be the second hardest material after diamond. We have machined it down and used it as material for the cantilever. It transmits vibrations at high speeds, allowing it to read the information from the grooves on records quickly. Ruby is a corundum mineral just like sapphire, but they contain different components, with ruby containing chromium.

The Super Curve Line Contact Ver. 2 stylus

The Super Curve Line Contact was newly developed when the Analog Relax EX1 phono cartridge was created, and has been very well received by customers. Ver. 2 is an upgraded version of this needle. It retains the advantages of the original, which has a line contact shape, with only the leading edge of the needle tip having a curvature close to that of a round needle, with additional design to pick up all of the information on the record using multiple angle cutting. It is particularly good at reproducing live instruments and human voices, creating a kind of sensual sound. Another great feature is that you will not feel any inner-groove distortion. t does not pick up the scratching sound of old original records, a worry for many record fans, allowing you to immerse yourself in the sound of the record. The needle also is more resistant to wear and tear than run of the mill line contact needles, giving it a longer lifespan.

Beeswax finish

To maximize the body’s resonance, we used beeswax for the surface finish. As a result, the color of the body will change over time, but we believe this will only enhance your enjoyment of this product.


・Transducer: MC Stereo Cartridge
・Coil: High purity copper
・Cantilever: Ruby
・Needle: Super Curve Line Contact Ver. 2 (Pure diamond)
・Body: 2,000 years old YAKUSUGI cedar (beeswax finish)
・Electric output: Over 0.5mv (1kHz)
・Internal impedance: 15Ω
・Needle pressure: 2.0g
・Magnet: Neodymium multi magnet
・Weight: about 9.0g


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